Monday, April 29, 2013

Makeup Monday - Forgotten Favorites

Spring Eyes

Remember a few weeks back when I shared my tips on how to spring clean your makeup collection? (Check it out here!) I mentioned to stay tuned for more... and here it is! Makeup Monday today is a challenge to you - to use those items that got pushed to the back and forgotten. 

Spring is the perfect time to pull out some of your more adventurous and bold makeup items, so don't be scared of that purple shadow you bought and never wore, or the blue liner you thought you could pull off and actually ended up looking a little too 80's ... they can be salvaged! Or maybe its as simple as using up that blush you loved last summer and totally forgot about. 

Here's a few "spring brights" makeup tutorials to get you started, from my newly discovered YouTube favourite, Shaaanxo. Aside from the amazing accent, she posts the most content out of everyone I follow and her daily looks are absolutely gorgeous and on spot every time! See a beautiful girly pink and purple look here and a standout eyeliner in yellow here to get a little inspiration for how to work the more hard to use products into your routine :) 

If you pull out any of your unused items to create a look - tweet me a picture! @_bluegardens, and follow me or strike up a convo while you're there :) 


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